Lethocerus medius


4 thoughts on “lethocerus

  1. Were are these bugs normally found?. I live in Ontario Canada and am vary sure this bug was stuck in the down spout of my house. I pulled the down spout off to find this bug inside and set it free. Just wanted to know if it a normal bug to have around here?. Thanks, mike

    • You wouldn’t have this specific species as it’s only found in the southwest. However, Lethocerus americanus gets as far north as you are, as does L. griseus if you’re in the southern part of Ontario. They’re both a little bigger and have a few minor anatomical differences compared to the Lethocerus in the photo, but otherwise look very similar. So yes, definitely possible! And L. americanus is very widespread, so it’s not unusual to find them in most parts of the US and Canada.

  2. I live in Ottawa, Ontario and Friday, June 19 I was moving old plant pots outside my house, and I found a very large bug, identical to Lethocerus medius underneath one of my pots. I gently moved it away from my house and put it outside my yard. Is it possible they are in Ottawa?

    • It wouldn’t be Lethocerus medius in your area as they are only found in northern Mexico and southern Arizona, but Lethocerus americanus should be there! L. americanus is a bit larger and the eyes are a bit closer together, but they look very similar. I’d bet that was what you saw. Fun!

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