Earth Day at the Biosphere!

The Biopshere II

Biosphere II. The habitat is the white section in the middle while the big pyramid to the left is the rainforest.

I’ve recently been hard at work preparing an educational display at the Biosphere II as part of my B2 Science and Society fellowship.  A lot of my free time has gone toward that and I unfortunately haven’t had much time to blog.  My next few posts will be about the project I’ve been working on, but until then I wanted to plug the event at which it will makes its debut: The Biosphere II Earth Day 2010!  The event takes place this Saturday, April 17th at the Biosphere II north of Tucson.

If you happen to be in the Tucson area, this is going to be a great event that I encourage you to attend.  The event planners promise heaps of educational displays, live music, sky gazing, green jobs panel discussions, and special tours all day.  They’re letting kids 12 and under in free, so bring the whole family and save!  The B2 Earth Day is a great way to celebrate a greener lifestyle and planet while having fun at a unique research facility.

The Biosphere Science and Society fellows will all be debuting their new permanent educational displays at this event.  My display is an aquatic insect pond.  I will augment my new pond with a display of live insects and information on the kinds of features you can include in your own pond to attract aquatic insects to your yard.  Come find me in the courtyard outside the orchard area of the Biosphere from 10AM-4PM and learn about the fascinating world of aquatic insects!  And while you’re there, check out my colleague Alandra Kahl’s rainwater harvesting wetland across the courtyard.

For more information about the Earth Day event, please see the Biosphere II website’s Earth Day 2010 page.  There you can download the flier for the event and watch a brief video.  The Biosphere website also contains directions and maps and has information about ticket prices and tours.  Hope to see you there!


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