Insect Mug Contest Winner

aquatics montage 1

Aquatics montage 1 (This is the prize if you take option #1)

Thank you to everyone who entered my contest last week!  I got more entries than I expected and that makes me very happy.  However, I could only pick one winner.  Thanks to a handy online random number generator (my husband is sick so I didn’t have him draw as planned – I’m trying to avoid him so I don’t get sick too!), the winner is George Sims! Congratulations!  I will contact you by e mail to figure out the details.

I appreciate all of your continued support and your interest in the things I write about.  Look for another reader appreciation contest in April!


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5 thoughts on “Insect Mug Contest Winner

  1. I am beside myself with glee. I’m SO tired of this Ozark winter, ready for the snow to melt, and wanting to do SOMETHING with damselflies except READ about them in front of the fire.

    I’ll certainly treasure the mug, and can’t wait for it to arrive. I just LOVE The Dragonfly Woman.

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