The Return of Wordless Wednesday!

When I started this blog, I got all excited about the idea of Wordless Wednesday, a day of blogging without words through the use of visual imagery.  However, I was only posting once a week when I started doing it and it seemed lame to have my entire post be a single photo each week.  I wordlessly retired it.  But now I’m posting more often and it will actually work!  It is therefore time to resurrect Wordless Wednesday.

On Wednesday each week, I’ll post a photo on my blog.  It may be an insect.  It may be a place I found an insect.  It might be an image of something an insect built or otherwise created.  It may simply be something insect-themed that I like.  It will not, however, be entirely wordless.  It goes against my nature to leave things entirely wordless on my blog.  Instead, I’ll keep my descriptions of the photos down to 3 sentences or less.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll start a Nearly Wordless Wednesday craze!

Today’s Wordless Wednesday is clearly a bit over the 3 sentence limit, but I promise I’ll stick to it in the future.  My photo for this week:


Mantid butt!

Don’t know what kind of mantid this is exactly (Mantis? Tenodera? something else entirely?) but I like this shot anyway.  You can see all the fiddly bits at the back, the cerci and what not, clearly and there’s just a hint of the beautiful hind wings.  This mantid was cleaning itself off, presumably because I soaked it with the hose when I didn’t see it in a plant I was watering and then picked it up and carried it into the house for a photo shoot.  :)


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