Hilarious spider mating display!

I love Twitter!  Since I joined, I’ve learned some truly amazing things and generally reveled in pure bug geekery with my fellow insect bloggers/enthusiasts.  I’m tuned into bug news in a way I’ve never been before! I’m going to start occasionally posting some of the best things I come across on my blog so that I can share the love with you all.  Like several other entomologist bloggers, one of my favorite things I saw this week was this video of the peacock spider by entomologist Jürgen Otto.  It starts off a little slow, but it is absolutely worth watching at least the first four minutes.  Really, you won’t regret it because this is THE most hilarious mating dance I’ve ever seen! Behold:

Now I’m not normally one for using text abbreviations in blog posts, but OMG!  I laugh so hard every time I see this!  The spider is exceptionally beautiful, but this is also one of the most interesting behaviors I’ve seen in an invertebrate, making it one impressive little spider.  Plus, you can’t help but love something that looks so much like the aliens in Space Invaders.  :)

The movie’s creator also has some great photos on Flickr.  So cool…  Isn’t the natural world amazing?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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