An Inordinate Fondness #15!

It is time, once again, to appreciate our hard-shelled insect friends and revel in pure beetley goodness.  Welcome to An Inordinate Fondness #15, your one stop shop for all things coleopteran!  Items have been kindly provided by myriad suppliers from diverse regions, so there’s something here for everyone with a love for elytra.  Step inside my little shop* and see what I have in stock for you this month!  Some highlights:

Live Items Currently In Stock

Ripiphorus viereckiRecently added to our inventory, straight from my supplier in the deserts of southern Arizona, these beautiful wedge shaped beetles (Ripiphorus vierecki) will make a stunning addition to any collection.  These unique beetles are ready to lay their eggs in marigolds so their larvae can hitch rides on visiting bees.  Yours compliments of Margarethe Brummermann at Arizona: Beetles Bugs Birds and More.

Naupactus xanthographusThis Argentinian weevil beauty comes to my humble shop compliments of AIF founder Ted MacRae of Beetles in the Bush.  This lovely weevil is Naupactus xanthographus, a denizen of the Buenos Aires area that is sometimes found munching happily on grapes and other fruits.

Pachylobius picivorusI wish to welcome a new supplier to the AIF family of beetle lovers, Rebecca in the Woods!  Rebecca brings us the weevil Pachylobius picivorus, a lovely little beetle with an elegant snout, along with a long cherished weevil joke.

One of my personal contributions to the shop include various members of the predaceous diving beetles and water scavenger beetles.  Come into the shop to check on current availability.  Don’t know which one you want?  Visit The Dragonfly Woman for information on how to tell the two families apart!

MeloeDon’t you just love oil beetles?  We’ve got you covered!  Our Canadian supplier, The Geek at Fall to Climb, brings us the first Meloe specimens of the spring season.  Just look at those stunning c-shaped antennae on the male!  This beetle would be a prized addition to any collection.

Diloboderus abderusAnother spectacular specimen from Argentina, the fiercely good-looking Diloboderus abderus is a captivating scarab.  These beetles are turf pests and larvae will arrive lovingly gift wrapped in sod.  Supplied by Ted MacRae of Beetles in the Bush.

Hydrochus sp.

Straight from the mountains of southern Arizona, I present a lovely little Hydrochus specimen.  These iridescent little beetles are small, but don’t let that stop you from taking a second look!  They’re absolutely beautiful up close.  Read more at The Dragonfly Woman.

Live Items Coming Soon (Available for Backorder)

OrsodacneComing soon from the wilds of snowy Alberta, I present Orsodacne atra, a confusing little beetle.  Our gracious supplier, Home Bug Garden, discusses the mess surrounding this pretty little beetle’s name – and how easy it is to mistake it for the leaf beetles in an entirely different family!

Cerotoma trifurcataFrom Missouri, I offer a true leaf beetle: the showy Cerotoma trifurcata, also known as the bean leaf beetle.  This stunning red or yellow/tan beetle with black spots is yours compliments of Shelly Cox at  MObugs, who describes them and their habits in detail on her blog.

Dynastes tityusTed MacRae of Beetles in the Bush provides me with this stunning, giant of a beetle, the eastern Hercules beetle (Dynastes tityus).  This is one of the largest beetles in the US, and a perfect addition to any beetle lover’s wish list.

Palo verde beetle

The palo verde beetle is a common sight in the deserts of southern Arizona.  This giant beetle flies drunkenly around the desert at night, and will make a feisty addition to your menagerie.  But I love them anyway!  Learn why at The Dragonfly Woman.

Non-Living Curiosities and Gifts

The fabulous Bug Girl provides me with a preview of the 2011 Volkswagen Beetle, the obvious vehicle of choice for any true beetle connoisseur.  Visit her website to view the complete Super Bowl commercial for this fabulous new ride.

Other Interesting Tidbits  From Potential Future Suppliers

The brilliant insect photographer Alex Wild at Myrmecos offers several spectacular beetle photos this month.  Check out his sexy weevils, the first sap beetles of the spring, and a stunning pleasing fungus beetle from Ecuador.  And just in case you missed it, be sure to look through his gallery of wallpaper images for your computer.  Revel in beetle fabulousness every time you minimize your windows!

Kurt at Up Close with Nature discusses the gorgeous spiny giraffe beetle on his blog.  Be sure to take a look.

And Allison at 6Legs2Many shows off a wasp mimicking long horned beetle.  Amazing!  A must see.

Recent Beetle News of Interest to Our Beetle Loving Customers

Love beetles?  Then you’ll love these news stories:

beetle invasion!Aquatic beetles invade Australia

Tiger beetle larvae that roll like wheels when disturbed

Movie about endangered tiger beetle in Nebraska is moving forward thanks to financial support of beetle lovers

Sacramento area property owners suing Fish and Wildlife Service to have endangered elderberry longhorn beetle delisted


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* The items listed here are not actually for sale, just in case you were wondering.  This is a blog carnival, a collection of blog entries about beetles.  The “shop” is simply how I chose to present the collection of posts submitted by the bloggers featured in this post.


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