Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Crane Fly

I really love crane flies.  They’re so very fragile and awkward that I just have to admire their ability to survive.  I came across this crane fly shortly after I finished the pond I built at the Biosphere 2, huddled in a tuft of ornamental grasses:

Crane fly

Crane fly

Isn’t he (or she) gorgeous?!  Love ’em!


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7 thoughts on “Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Crane Fly

  1. Crane flies bring back memories of convincing my sister that the Soviets had released “giant, poisonous mosquitoes” on us.

    I should really apologize for making her childhood hell someday. : – )

    • Ha ha ha ha ha! I love it! Seriously though, you can’t imagine how many people tell me about the giant mosquitoes that were attacking them. People are really scared of them! I can see why your prank was so successful.

      • Ironically, a few hours after posting the above, I was attacked by a mosquito almost as large as some of the smaller crane flies around here. Coincidence, or karma? You decide!

  2. One of the things I think is interesting about crane flies are those “halteres”–those knobbed projections behind the wings–I can see one of them in your photo. Those things help them balance/keeps them on course.

    Nice photo–and I especially love your description of them as “awkward”–that’s a great word for them!

    –Patricia Lichen

    • Thanks! And I agree – the halteres are pretty amazing! And very easy to see since the flies are so big. It’s odd that such a little thing can make such a difference in the flight ability of an insect group! Granted, dragonflies fly awfully well too and they don’t have halteres…

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