April Contest Winner!


block printed cards

A huge thanks to everyone who entered my latest contest!  I’m sorry I can’t choose all of you because many of you have been following my little blog for quite some time.  Unfortunately, I only have the time and funds to choose one winner.  I wrote all of the entries on little slips of paper and mixed them up in a bowl, then had my husband draw a winner.

The winner this time is Lora F!  Congratulations Lora!  In answer to my question about eating insects, she said that she would be most willing to try fried grasshoppers.  Probably a good safe bet!  Nearly everything is tasty fried.  :)

Lora, I’ll contact you by e mail shortly to work out the details for getting your prize to you.  To everyone else, be on the lookout for the next contest!  It could be sooner than you’d expect.  (Hint, hint!)


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