The Dragonfly Woman Turns 2! (And another contest)

Happy blogoversary to me!
Happy blogoversary to me!
Happy blogoversary to DW!
Happy blogoversary to me!

The Dragonfly Woman is two years old today!  Crazy to think that I’ve kept this little blog o’ mine going for two whole years.  When I started my blog back in 2009, I posted once a week and struggled to post that often.  Thankfully, it was a requirement for an academic  fellowship I had at the time, so I stuck it out.  Thank you Biosphere 2 for not only helping me get a blog started (I had always wanted to write a blog), but forcing me to stick with it long enough to create something worthwhile!

Now blogging has become completely routine.  I walk around thinking, “Ooh!  This would make a good blog post!” when I see something interesting.  I notice things in a way I never did before.  I carry my P&S camera with me everywhere, just in case I see something I want to photograph for my blog.  I’ve vastly improved as a photographer with both my DSLR and my P&S and I’m finally getting bug shots that I’m proud of.  In the past year, I’ve also expanded from posting once a week to posting thrice a week.  (Yes, I worded that specifically so I could use the word “thrice” for the first time ever.  What a glorious word!)  I’ve built up a regular following of fantastic people who apparently enjoy the same sorts of bizarre things that I do.  And, last weekend, I topped 100, 000 views!  Overall, I’m feeling pretty good about where my blog is now and where it’s headed in the future.  What a fabulous experience!

My main goal for the coming year is to move my blog over onto my own  website.  I just can’t do some things that I would like to using  Don’t get me wrong.  I love WordPress, and I heartily recommend it to other bloggers.  Still, I am feeling limited by the system. on  None of the templates make me entirely happy and why pay for a custom CSS upgrade when I can pay for my own site?  I also need to streamline my dragonfly swarm data collection.  Can’t do that on  Need my own site.

Otherwise, I hope to keep things going as they are now!  I enjoy mixing science, education, and random entomology topics together, so I’ll keep on doing things as I always have.  It seems to be working okay so far!


My aquatic insects mug.

Because I love you all for supporting my blogging habit and I’m in the mood to celebrate my blogoversary, I’m going finish up here with another contest!  Lots of people wanted a mug last time I offered one, so I’m offering another one.  No need to follow me on Facebook or on Twitter this time!  Just leave a comment below and I’ll enter you in a drawing for an aquatic insect mug hand painted by me.  Same rules apply as last time: if you win, you can have the mug pictured at left or you can choose up to 3 aquatic insects of your choice for a custom mug – black ink on a white mug in the style you see in the photo.  I’ll collect entries for one week and announce the winner next weekend!

Thank you all for sticking with me and supporting what I do here!  The very best part of the blogging experience has been forming online relationships with other bloggers and my readers.  I used to scoff at my computer science geek friends in high school and college for forming online “friendships” and swore I wasn’t ever going to stoop to doing it myself.  Yeah…  Sorry high school and college friends!  I clearly didn’t know what I was talking about.  I love feeling like part of a community, even if I haven’t met the majority of the people in my community offline – and I look forward to the day that I get to meet some of you in person!

Now excuse me, but I need to work on my post for Monday.  :)


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27 thoughts on “The Dragonfly Woman Turns 2! (And another contest)

  1. Chris,
    Once again, do NOT enter me in the contest, as I am still basking in the euphoria of winning the previous one. If you begin blogging FOUR time a week, can you use the word “frice”? Or would it be “frass”?

  2. Congrats!

    May I suggest you add a USB microscope to your wish list? It’s become the perfect complement to my DSLR and P&S. I actually hauled it and a netbook out into the desert last week . Except for a little trouble with some of my subjects on plants blowing around in the wind, it did ok. For example: video of an anthill entrance.

    • I dion’t have a USB microscope, but I do have a dissecting scope that I can connect my DSLR to. I use that for some of my photos and I love it! My laptop doesn’t work without being plugged in and I don’t want to replace the batteries (it’s a terrible, terrible computer overall, so I’m not shelling out any money to make it better), so the USB microscope is probably out of reach for now… Great idea though!

  3. Congratulations, DW,
    I don’t know how you manage to juggle student, teacher, thrice-a-week-blogger, finding/photographing/editing pictures, marriage, and the real world. Do you sleep?
    The BugLady

  4. Thanks for not doing the Facebook or Twitter thing. Keep the blog “clean”–no selling, no “affiliate links, no infomercial language. I look forward to readingyour blog as it is…

    • I absolutely don’t want to start using ads. I know for certain that I will end up with a lot of ads from places like Terminix and I’m just not going to take money from exterminators. I do my blog for my own personal gratification, not for any sort of monetary gain. I really enjoy using Twitter though because I am much more aware of scientific discoveries now than I ever was before. I will likely continue to encourage people to get onto Twitter, but it’s only because I personally like it. If you don’t, that’s totally fine! I know it’s not for everyone.

  5. I would love to meet you in person, but you’re certainly already one of my online BFFs! I remember first finding your blog — I told my husband “Check it out! She specializes in aquatic entomology in Arizona!” He thinks I’m weird, but he readily agreed that was eerily right up my alley.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who went from scoffing at people cultivating what I saw as “fake” friendships to embracing the culture wholeheartedly.

    Congratulations on two years! I look forward to continuing to follow and seeing what you’ll come up with next!

  6. Happy Blogoversary Dragonwoman!!! You are an egaging and interesting person…glad to have bumper into you on Twitter. I am an emtomologist as well and always enjoy seeing people showing a genuine passion for it. Thanks for a chance to obtain on of your pieces. Good luck going forward.


  7. Thanks for this Blog. After teaching A&P since 1987, I am finally getting to teach “critter biology” and YOU are helping get my “mojo” back. I especially loved the gel suspensions of the bugs – I shared that blog with the Mississippi Science Teaching community, and I may have to do a workshop on the process at the next MSTA conference.

    • Glad I can help! I LOVE my critters (if you couldn’t tell!), so if I’m helping other people use them in teaching then I feel extra good about keeping my blog going. The gel suspensions with the bugs are great! I’m so glad I came across the technique online because I love it. I’ve had my trial bugs sitting on my desk since I made them fully expecting them to get air bubbles. No air bubbles yet and they still look wonderful! If you do a workshop of it, I’d love to hear how it goes!

  8. Thrice eh? I have some other archaic words for you that I brought with me from the motherland. Will think of a few, or pass them on when in the midst of reviewing something I’ve written my husband asks me what *that* word means. The online/virtual friend thing is amazing isn’t it? My husband has stopped scoffing at me since we have now met multiple of my online friends and their families and he has had a blast every time. The latest was in France where a lovely Canadian/American family honored us with their company.
    I’m with Anna, if I don’t win can I buy? Oh and Kimberly, I think you need to escape the heat of Phoenix and come down to Tucson. How about a photography/nature field trip. Could I tag along?

    • Ooh, like the new photo! Curly hair rocks! :)

      I’m glad you’ve actually met and liked some of your online friends. I’m going to a photography workshop in September and will meet several of the people I’ve been forming online relationships with over the past few years. Apart from the photography experience, I’m super excited about meeting these people in person!

      I second your request to get Kimberly down here for a photography day! I’m not sure she’ll be escaping the heat though… :) If we can’t get her to come down, I’m always up for going out shooting with you. I pull out my camera pretty much every time I get bored anyway.

      And finally, I will consider selling a mug or two if you or Anna don’t win! I haven’t ever done it before, but I’m also currently unemployed. Funny how that puts things in a new perspective, eh?

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