Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered my 2nd blogoversary contest!  This time I entered everyone into a spreadsheet and used the random number generator at to choose a winner.  And the winner is:

Kimberly Hosey!

If you haven’t checked out Kimberly’s blog, you should.  She writes about nature and family, but she is really into bugs and they feature prominently.  She’s also a great photographer – of bugs, birds, other natural things, her kid with bugs and birds and other natural things.  Her story about her late night run in with black widows is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever read.  Seriously, check it out!

Congrats to Kimberly!  I will contact you to get the information I need to get a mug to you ASAP.  To the rest of you: I will give away another mug in the future! Or, for those of you who were interested, I think I am willing to sell a few.  Let me figure out how best to make that happen and I’ll get back to you…


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5 thoughts on “Contest Winner!

    • Ha ha! I know I think i have one of the coolest jobs ever, but to have that validated by someone else is always a lovely thing. :) Hope your son becomes an entomologist someday! It’s the ones who are obsessed with bugs from an early age that end up doing really great things.

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