Swarm Sunday – 1/1/11-6/18/11

dragonfly swarm banner

It’s Swarm Sunday!  Things seem to be getting off to a bit of a slow start this year, but I’m hoping the swarming activity will pick up soon.  With all the water that’s been dumped on the US and Canada this year and the flooding happening around the US, I think conditions will be right for a very good year!

I haven’t gotten many swarm reports so far this year, but some of them have come from places far outside the US.  Exciting!  This is what I’ve gotten since New Year’s 2011:


  • Static:
    • Temple Terrace, FL
    • Clearwater, FL
    • East Tawas, MN
    • Center Sandiwich, NH
    • Yuma, AZ (this is exciting for me!)
    • Stacy, MN
    • Howell Township, NJ
    • Hartland, WI
    • Texas, near Galveston and Houston
  • Migratory:
    • Ponce Inlet Jetty, FL
  • Phnom Penh – static


  • Coffs Harbour, New South Wales – static
  • north of Perth, Western Australia- static

Looks like this year is starting out a lot like last year with most sightings in Florida and the Great Lakes region and a few scattered around New England.  I’m super excited that I’ve started getting reports from other countries too!  Australia had a ton of dragonfly activity after a series of summer floods, though most were reported in 2010 and not listed here.  I’ve also got reports from Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Belize, Mexico, and Spain!

Swarming should be picking up here soon, so keep an eye out – and please consider reporting any swarms you see!


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