Swarm Sunday – 7/10/11 – 7/16/11

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The swarming picked up some this week!  There were multiple swarms along the coast in the Surf City area of New Jersey and more swarms in the southwest.  Considering how few swarms have been reported in the southwest (outside of my personal sphere of influence, that is), I consider this both unusual and exciting.  Swarms occurred in the following locations in the past week:



Conway, SC
South Boston, VA
Surf City, NJ – 4 sightings here!
Loveland, CO
Albuquerque, NM
Syracuse, UT
Peyton, CO
Mansfield, LA
Searcy, AR


Saskatoon, SK


Komari, Eastern Province

I really love getting reports from foreign countries!  If these swarms are feeding swarms, they should pop up anywhere there are dragonflies – and there are dragonflies everywhere.  I don’t get a lot of reports outside of English-speaking counties, and usually then by American or British travelers or ex-patriots, but it’s always a thrill to add a whole new country to my list of confirmed swarms.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent in reports so far this summer!  You are all awesome citizen scientists!

And finally, in case you’re interested, The Dragonfly Swarm Project is listed on SciStarter.com and was featured on their site this week!  You can read my featured blog post here or my post about why citizen science works for studying dragonfly swarms by following the links.


Have you seen a dragonfly swarm?

I am tracking swarms so I can learn more about this interesting behavior.  If you see one, I’d love to hear from you!  Please visit my Report a Dragonfly Swarm page to fill out the official report form.  It only takes a few minutes!



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