Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: View Toward Nogales

I came across this scene on the road to a camping site during an insect collecting field trip a few years ago:

looking toward Nogales

The view looking toward Nogales

Nogales, AZ has never looked so pretty!  And then I used the most disgusting bathroom in their Wal-Mart the next day, which made me instantly forget how pretty the city had been from the road.  Seriously though, that bathroom is not an experience I recommend…


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2 thoughts on “Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: View Toward Nogales

  1. Aren’t you the lass who has a photographic collection of all your flat tires??? I’m MOST surprised we didn’t get a photo of the WalMart bathroom.

    • Yeah, well… It doesn’t make for a pleasant start to the day and I didn’t want the visual reminder. :) Let’s just say that even the girls who hadn’t ever been camping before and were really excited about getting to use a toilet for the first time in a few days had STRONG reservations about using this bathroom.

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