Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Bark Scorpion Eating

One of my favorite experiences when I TAed insect systematics last fall was the non-insect arthropods lab.  We fed many different large, scary scorpions, centipedes, and spiders during the session and it was a lot of fun.  This was one of them:

bark scorpion eating cricket

Bark scorpion eating a cricket

Though quite small compared to other scorpions in Arizona, the bark scorpions are pretty formidable because they’re highly venomous, plus they can climb walls.  Really fun to watch eating though!  (If you haven’t ever seen a scorpion eating, I’ve got a video of it.)


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3 thoughts on “Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Bark Scorpion Eating

  1. That video was pretty darn strange! What’s with those “claws” in the “head”? Are they actually mouthparts, or are they claws in the head? Where was the rest of this critter’s face? Do scorpions have faces per se? It was definitely a video that generated, at least on my part, a whole lotta questions!

    • I honestly don’t know that much about scorpions, but to the best of my knowledge the claws coming out of the scorpion’s head are the mouthparts, it’s chelicerae. Pretty wild though, eh? Scorpions tend not to have very distinct heads (or cephalothoraxes technically), so it’s hard to identify a true “head,” but they do have one. They don’t really have what I would consider a “face,” just a pair of eyes and a bug gaping hole in the front where those crazy chelicerae come out and grab things to pull inside its body. Scorpions are some pretty bizarre looking creatures all around!

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