Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Fall

Fall has always been my favorite season, though I have never lived in a place that has the sort of fall where all the leaves change colors and everything takes on the glorious warm color palette that is normally associated with the season. Instead, I’ve lived in two arid regions, both of which had a “fall” that last approximately three weeks. Colorado at least had some trees that changed colors when it started getting cool (it is famous for it’s fall aspen display at higher elevations, and for good reason!), but Arizona doesn’t even give you that much. That doesn’t make fall in the desert any less beautiful though! Check out this photo of a desert grassland:

Los Fresnos grasslands

The grassland at Los Fresnos, a historic ranch turned nature preserve in Mexico along the US border with Arizona. The mountains in the background are the Huachucas.

Everything took on this lovely golden color and the air was crisp.  Just perfect, even without the red and gold leaves.


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