Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Adorable Bee Fly

I’ve been working on a photographic project that I’m posting on the iPhone app Instagram.  It’s a 365 project (though technically it’s a 366 project this year due to leap year) and I’m photographing my insect collection for it.  In part, I hope it helps me become a better insect photographer.  It’s also really fun!

This month, Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday will feature some of the insect portraits I’ve been doing.  Keep in mind I started my insect collection when I was 12 and fumbled my way through insect collecting by trial and error.  The older I get, the better the pinning job gets, so some of these are pinned BADLY.  Ignore the crooked pin behind the curtain!  Look at the pretty insect instead:

Bee fly

Is there anything more adorable than this little bee fly? I think not!

Hope you enjoy the series this month!


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