RIP Mr. Darcy

Well, today is a sad day.  I found my giant male roach dead on the bottom of his cage.  Poor Mr. Darcy…  I had him almost 3 years, and he was an adult when I got him, so he had a good, long life.  I never expected to enjoy my roaches as well as I do, especially since the only reason I have them is because a student dumped them with me at the end of a semester, but I really enjoyed Mr. Darcy.  He was one charismatic little insect and I’m sad that he’s gone.  Who knew I could get so attached to a bug!

So rest in peace Mr. Darcy.  I will miss your angry, loud hissing that I could hear three rooms away.  I’ll miss how you pushed your young ones around and dominated the log in your cage.  I’ll miss taking you to classrooms where you distracted the kids by loudly and viciously attacking the other roaches in the cage.  I’ll miss how you hissed at me every time I got your cage out to add water, dog food, and veggies and when I poked you a little every now and again just because I knew it would annoy you.  You were a good roach.  The best roach.

hissing cockroaches

Mr. Darcy


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