Adorable Saltie

Adorable Saltie by The Dragonfly Woman
Adorable Saltie, a photo by The Dragonfly Woman on Flickr.

I’ve spent years looking for something other than the boring whitish, flat haired jumping spiders I commonly saw in Arizona, something with a bit of a flashy hairdo. Today – success! I just have to share a photo of my first ever jumping spider with little black tufts of hair coming off its head. The shot’s not perfect as I took it with my point and shoot camera and edited it in Flickr, but you should focus on the pure adorableness of that spider, not the quality of the image. Even better, this is my second saltie of the day! The first one wasn’t as cute, but I’ve never seen more than one species in a day before. Score!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you all find the spider of your dreams today too. :)