Adorable Saltie

Adorable Saltie by The Dragonfly Woman
Adorable Saltie, a photo by The Dragonfly Woman on Flickr.

I’ve spent years looking for something other than the boring whitish, flat haired jumping spiders I commonly saw in Arizona, something with a bit of a flashy hairdo. Today – success! I just have to share a photo of my first ever jumping spider with little black tufts of hair coming off its head. The shot’s not perfect as I took it with my point and shoot camera and edited it in Flickr, but you should focus on the pure adorableness of that spider, not the quality of the image. Even better, this is my second saltie of the day! The first one wasn’t as cute, but I’ve never seen more than one species in a day before. Score!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you all find the spider of your dreams today too. :)


30 thoughts on “Adorable Saltie

    • Thank you! Wish I could zoom a bit with my macro to get a little closer, but I feel like this camera does a pretty darned good job with most of the things I want to photograph with it.

  1. Hey, I’m impressed! My P&S cannot take pictures like that (I wish I’d sprung for a better one now), and I never seem to be able to find salties…that is a very cute one.

    • I bought this camera specifically for it’s great macro feature. I absolutely love it! If you decide to get another P&S at some point, I highly recommend the Canon Powershot G series. As for finding salties… Well, I had to move to a new state to do that! Arizona had them, but I maybe saw one every month there. In North Carolina I can’t get through a day without seeing one, and we get the crazy colored ones with wild hairdos here too! I am in heaven. :)

      • I would not have known you used a P&S if you hadn’t told us! it’s an excellent picture.

        I found a fantastic salticid (Tutelina elegans) on Saturday, bright metallic green, but didn’t manage to get a fully in-focus picture of it. Woe.

        • I rarely get good shots of salticids, so I feel your pain with your metallic green saltie. But at least you got to see it, right? That’s better than nothing, and you can always use your blurry photos to remind you of how beautiful it was in person. That’s the best use of blurry photos as far as I’m concerned!

  2. Appears to possibly be Phidippus putnami based on the 6 tufts on the carapace. Do you have a shot that shows the abdominal markings?

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