Swarm Sunday – 7/1/2012 – 7/7/2012

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What a great week for dragonflies!  Swarms occurred in the following locations:


Gulf Shores, AL
Berryville, AR
Mountain View, AR
Bellvue, CO
Eldorado Springs, CO
Guffey, CO
Littleton, CO
Guilford, CT
Madison, CT
West Haven, CT (2 reports)
Glen Ellyn, IL
La Grange, IL
Oak Park, IL
Riverside, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Springport, IN
Mayfield, KY
Murray, KY
Lafayette, LA
Plaquemine, LA
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Fredericktown, MO
Marshfield, MO
Ozark, MO
Park Hills, MO
Potosi, MO
St. Robert, MO
Springfield, MO
St Clair Shores, MI
Sea Isle City, NJ
Ventnor City, NJ (2 reports)
Brooklyn, NY
Long Island, NY
New York City, NY
Queens, NY
Staten Island, NY
Corolla, NC
Duck, NC (5 reports)
Alliance, OH
Hamilton, OH
Corryton, TN
Sewanee, TN
Lubbock, TX
San Antonio, TX
New Church, VA

That’s a pretty long list, especially for this time of year, and brings the total number of swarms reported for the US up to 100 already.  Things seem to be heating up a bit early this year, almost a month early compared to last year.  I like it!  The swarming in the midwestern US got going this week, and there were several reports from the southeastern US.  In fact, there was a major event not three hours from where I live in North Carolina!  I was absolutely dying to dash out to the coast to see it, but alas I had to work.  Oh well.  I’m likely to catch a static swarm at work and the annual southward migration lasts for several days in the fall.  Hopefully see my first migratory swarm this year, now that I live in a place that has them!

Most excitingly (that’s a word, right?), there were swarms reported in Texas this week.  The drought was so bad last year that I only got a small handful of reports from the state, so it’s nice to see activity there again.  Hopefully that means they got some rain!

As for dragonfly swarms online, I give you one swarm report in a blog post by writer Amy Dusto.  She interviewed me for her blog last year, so I was thrilled to hear she actually got to see a swarm!  If you’d like to read about her idyllic Fourth of July that ended with a dragonfly swarm sighting, head on over to her blog, Not a Lion.  Sounds like a perfect way to spend the Fourth to me!


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Have you seen a dragonfly swarm? I am tracking swarms so I can learn more about this interesting behavior.  If you see one, I’d love to hear from you!  Please visit my Report a Dragonfly Swarm page to fill out the official report form.  It only takes a few minutes! Thanks!


Want more information? Visit my dragonfly swarm information page for my entire collection of posts about dragonfly swarms!


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11 thoughts on “Swarm Sunday – 7/1/2012 – 7/7/2012

  1. my sweetie and i were sitting on my front porch and maybe couple hours before the rain..there was a large swarm of dragonflies circling in my yard. and they looked sychronized..in harrison arkansas.. was neat but i am one of the those people that think spiritually.. what is God planning to do..or is this a bad/good omen..

      • not quite sure yet..different signs indicate the ending of the world.. but unfortunately i am too much of a pessimist…of course i didnt realize that some things are of good nature..so i am hoping this is a great sign..well actually we had quite a downpour so .uumm yah a good omen..lol..

        • Dragonflies are considered lucky in several Asian cultures because they signal spring and rains and are thus symbols of renewal and rebirth. And just think – they’re eating all of your mosquitoes and other pesky flies! If that’s not lucky, I don’t know what is. :)

  2. Please help! Our house is covered in a swarm of dragonflies. We can’t get out of the house without them trying to fly in the door or garage. Any suggestions? We are just north of Indianapolis, IN. Thanks

    • Short of having someone spray your yard for the small insects the dragonflies are there to eat, you’re probably going to have to just wait them out. Swarms don’t usually last more than a few days, so they’re likely to move on when they’ve eaten all the annoying little insects you wouldn’t want in your yard anyway. Sorry I can’t be more help, but dragonflies go where there’s food, so you must have something tasty flying around your yard!

  3. Hi
    in the 23 years we are here on Long Island I have never seen so many dragonflies<lt freaks out my daughters a bit but how cool to see them..here on the south shore it was a rarity, until this year. They all seem immature though..for the most part all black and lacking the flying skills of those I'm more used to.. they are pretty unskilled in fact.. they have a terrible habit of landing in the pool seemingly for a drink, and drowning..if I pick them up though they seem to regain their senses and fly off, Just a wierd part of this summer I guess..maybe it's due to the fact we had virtually no frost this past winter, but it's been wet..they have been here now about 2 weeks..I guess this won't last forever but again, how cool.

    • So glad to hear that you are enjoying your dragonflies! And you’re probably right about the frost. It was a rather mild winter in most places in the US and I’ve seen the dragonfly activity pick up a full three weeks earlier than usual. The two are almost surely tied together.

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