My Blogging Schedule This Week


Clearly Swarm Sunday didn’t happen yesterday, but there was a reason.  I stupidly only brought my iPad to Florida with me rather than a real computer and the hour I had in the airport wasn’t nearly enough to write a blog post on the abysmal iOS WordPress app.  That blog post I posted Friday?  That took 2.5 hours to do!  It took maybe 30 minutes max to write and choose appropriately bad photos to accompany the text.  The other two hours were spent trying to find a place I could get a WiFi signal strong enough to actually connect to the server with the wimpy iPad wireless antenna, figuring out how to upload photos within the WordPress app (the online uploader apparently requires Flash, which iPad doesn’t support), and the rest futzing around with html, trying to remember how to do the most basic things in CSS, and attempting to get captions on the photos.  I finally gave up on the latter when bugs started crawling down the back of my pants and just posted it.  Trust me: if anyone tries to convince you that owning an iPad is just like owning a laptop, don’t believe them!  They’re absolutely nothing alike and those differences threw my whole blogging schedule off for the week.  Grrr…

So, here’s the new schedule!  Swarm Sunday will go up tomorrow as Swarm Tuesday instead.  Wednesday will be the standard Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday post.  Thursday will be what I was going to post today, my post about Bug Shot.  Friday is Friday 5 as usual, and then I’m back on track!

Until tomorrow then!  I leave you with a photo from Bug Shot, just because.  I didn’t even know that this had an insect in it until I looked at it later!  I thought I was just taking a photo of a pretty flower, but between the weevil in the foreground and the pair of antennae peeking out of the flower itself, this flower image ended up being quite buggy.  That’s just the way I like them!


Weevil before flower


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