Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Don’t Touch!

Have you ever tried petting one of those furry little cacti, the ones with the cute white hairs all over them?  Many people have learned how unpleasant it can be to pet a cute little furry cactus because those hairs hide a bunch of sharp spines inside.  Same deal with this adorable little critter:

Flannel moth caterpillar

Flannel moth caterpillar

It might look all cute and fluffy, but flannel moth caterpillars are nasty little buggers!  Underneath all that fur is a bunch of painful stinging hairs.  Tricky, tricky!


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6 thoughts on “Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Don’t Touch!

  1. a couple years ago my Chihuahua Luna, was out walking around in the yard under the fruit trees. Then she started hopping around on sore feet, she had stepped and been stung by several caterpillars.. I forgot what they were – I had looked them up. I felt so bad for her… now we watch for these guys.

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