Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: The Moth Says Hi

I don’t know why, but this was my very favorite photo I took at Bug Shot this year:

happy moth

Happy moth

There’s something about the moth’s expression that appeals to me and makes me smile every time I come across this photo in my collection.  Doesn’t it just look happy?


Unless otherwise stated, all text, images, and video are copyright © C. L. Goforth

7 thoughts on “Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: The Moth Says Hi

  1. It’s always good to have at least one photo in your collection that makes you smile – especially on the days you need to. (BTW, nice photo!)

  2. The angle of the body, and the cocked head. The depth, and what is NOT shown … all combine with the furry subject and a canny photographer obviously enamored with her.

  3. I can see why you like this photo. Wimgrundy has it right. This reminds me of a photo I took of a Chestnut-backed Chickadee last spring as it elicits the same response in me. Think I will have to post it.

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