Swarm Sunday – I’m Calling It

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The weather’s been doing strange things recently and I’ve only seen two total dragonflies in the past several weeks, so I’m declaring the dragonfly swarm season officially over.  This means that it’s time to start wrapping up by posting some year-end reports this season’s data.  Look for those to start in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, it occurs to me that I received two reports a couple of weeks ago, right as Hurricane Sandy was barreling toward the east coast, that I forgot to post.  They were reported in these locations:


Miami Beach, FL
Deer Park, TX

And with that, the American dragonfly swarm season ended!

On a somewhat related front, the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership (MDP) has changed their data submission website a bit.  They are now accepting both dragonfly pond watch data AND migratory dragonfly sightings.  If you’ve submitted migratory sightings to me, no need to submit again – I’ll be sharing all of my migration data with the MDP team anyway.  However, if you haven’t gotten involved in the Dragonfly Pond Watch, however, I encourage you to do so!  All you need to do is make observations of a few easily recognizable species at a nearby pond once a month.  If you’re already out walking your dog or photographing things, why not collect a little data while you’re at it?  The MDP is a really great group of dragonfly researchers and they would love to have your data!

Happy Sunday everyone, and look for the first year-end report in a few weeks!


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