Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Swarm

Winter is coming, so I am feeling a little dragonfly deprived.  Luckily, I opened one of my last remaining unpacked boxes last weekend and discovered the nearly life-life artificial dragonflies I had bought for my wedding and never used.  My office at the field station is in a trailer and it’s got those removable white tiles in the ceiling.  So, I bent the little wires on the dragonflies, slipped them under the tiles, and made myself a little dragonfly swarm in my corner of the office.  This is a terrible iPhone photo taken after dark in the harsh lights of the trailer, but you get the idea:

Swarm of artificial dragonflies on the ceiling

Swarm of artificial dragonflies on the ceiling

Now when I need a break, or get frustrated by something I’m working on, I can look up and see a dragonfly swarm right there!  Yay!


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