Dragonfly Swarm Project Year-End Report Part II Coming Next Week

Well, I had planned to get Part II of my annual Dragonfly Swarm Project report out last week and was working diligently on prepping my maps for the big reveal, but then I got sick.  REALLY sick.  In fact, I spent an entire week lying on my couch under a big pile of blankets with my dog, checking my temperature obsessively to keep my fever down and moaning about how sore I was.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything because everything hurt, so I just lay there watching Futurama episodes.  For a week.  I was bored out of my mind!  I had a 5 day weekend at Christmas that I had been really looking forward to and I was so sick I couldn’t even enjoy it.  Worst.  Christmas.  Ever!

Unfortunately, being out of commission for a whole week means I am incredibly behind on a lot of things, including my year-end report.  So, here’s the new plan.  I’ll get Part II up next Sunday, then I’ll be back on track for Parts III and IV for the following two Sundays in January.  I had really hoped to get Part II done today, but it just wasn’t in the stars I guess.  Sigh…

Part II is coming next week then!  I’m hoping I’ll get back to a more regular blogging schedule in general in the new year too, so look for the regularly scheduled Monday post tomorrow.  I hope it will be fun to look at!


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