Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Cryptic

It’s winter, and I now live in a place where it actually gets rather cold at night.  That unfortunately means that I don’t have my usual access to mid-winter insects and I can no longer make you all jealous that we still have bugs out and about.  But, I do have a nice stockpile of shots I took at BugShot 2012 that I haven’t shared yet!  While I anxiously await spring and the return of pretty flowers and insects to photograph, I bring you bugs and other arthropods from Florida!

Every time I look through my BugShot photos, I see new creatures I didn’t realize I’d photographed.  For example, I took this photo thinking I was photographing a group of flowers.  Somehow, I completely missed the giant yellow crab spider:

Crab spider on flowers

Crab spider on flowers

It was dark out, but wow!  For such a big spider, it sure did blend in well!


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9 thoughts on “Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Cryptic

    • Right? I was standing a few inches away from that spider and I didn’t even see it. As I said, this was supposed to be a flower shot and I only noticed the spider after looking at this photo a dozen or more times!

    • Crazy huh?

      I don’t leave links to my WW posts because I don’t make a truly wordless post. You’ll notice I call mine Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday posts – I always include about 100-150 words of text! I don’t want to have people show up at my blog expecting to find a true WW post, so I don’t leave links.

  1. You’ve just got to look for them dragonflywoman. Even here is frozen Alberta we have no problem finding dozens of active arthropods species in mid-winter. The Second Annual Winter Challenge is on – beat the Birders (who log about 140 species of birds in December and January) – and we are already up to about 60 species – and haven’t had to go to the Subnivean fauna yet.

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