Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Leggy

When I went to Bug Shot in August, I came across dozens of different spiders.  I almost walked into the web of this one, and caught sight of it just before I ended up with a spider on my face:



Now I’m not entirely sure how I would respond to having a spider on my face, but I used to be really scared of spiders when I was a kid (I had recurring nightmares about them being in my bed!) and I suspect that would come pouring back out if face-spider contact had occurred.  Thankfully, I noticed it in time and snapped a few shots of this beauty rather than screaming like a little girl and making a total idiot out of myself in front of all the other bug lovers at Bug Shot. :)


Unless otherwise stated, all text, images, and video are copyright © C. L. Goforth

4 thoughts on “Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Leggy

  1. I’ll have to show you the pic I have of a brown huntsman on my face…it was dead but I did it to freak my friends out. Had it happened by accident, I too, would have screamed like a little girl.

    • Ha ha! I love photos like that! I’ve got a few of me with a live hissing cockroach (Jeffrey – my favorite roach) sitting on my face. I thought they were kinda fun! I think I might scream like a little girl if a live huntsman was on my face though. Those things look pretty darned big in the photos I’ve seen!

  2. I wish I could ponder how I might react to having a spider in my face. However, this has proven to be a regular occurrence.

    I really don’t make Florida sound like a vacation spot, do I? : – )

    The worst offenders are these little spiny orb weavers, /Gasteracantha cancriformis/. Fascinating little guys, and beautiful to see, they’re also very easy to not see at all. Their webs, strung out across the nature trail you’re walking down, are easily walked into, and the spiders tend to live about eye-height for me. Good thing I wear glasses! I cannot count the number of times I’ve walked into one of these guys. Their webs are good and strong, too. More than a few times, I’ve stepped back from the web only to have my glasses be pulled off my face and hang in the air in front of me. : – )

    As bluntly visible as they are, I did once manage to walk into an inhabited Golden Silk Spider web. I was talking to someone who was walking behind me and I turned around just in time to see the web in front of me and too late to stop.

    “This is why I walk behind him,” said the guy I was talking to. Thanks, friend!

    • Well, perhaps you’ve run into this very spider species before as it is from your state! Sorry you’ve had so many run ins with spiders. At least they’re mostly orb weavers, eh? Could be worse.

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