Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: First Dragonfly Photo of the Year

Well, this is it: my first dragonfly photo of the year.  I’ve seen loads of dragonflies, but I am often busy teaching when I am at the pond and never seem to have a chance to get photos.  I got this shot one day when the system locked me out of my computer at work and I needed to kill some time while I waited for it to be unlocked.  Took it with the entirely wrong kind of camera too, but it turned out alright.  I give you the common whitetail:

Plathemis lydia

Common whitetail, Plathemis lydia

This is, as the name suggests, a truly common species in the US.  We have dozens of males flying around the pond each day while many females stalk prey on the prairie.  But, they are spectacular!  They might be common as dirt, but how can anyone tire of seeing something that beautiful?

Speaking of dragonflies, I got some fun photos over the weekend that I’m eager to share.  Look for them soon!


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13 thoughts on “Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: First Dragonfly Photo of the Year

  1. OMG, I cannot believe it, I too, snapped a pic of the same variety of dragonfly while visiting at my parents over this past weekend. Both mother and I cannot say that we have ever seen this variety before. We probably weren’t really looking. Great shot.

  2. This is one of my favorite insects to watch! I always picture them as attack helicopters, I don’t know why, where or when that association was formed though. Either way that is a a very unique looking dragonfly. Great shot! Thanks for sharing.

    • Glad to hear that they’re one of your favorites! And the attack helicopter image is a lot better than the cute little dainty insect image a lot of people have, as far as I’m concerned at least. It’s much more accurate!

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