Swarm Sunday – 7/28/2013 – 8/3/2013

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I’m getting this up on time this week!  We had a fairly uneventful swarming week, with dragonfly swarms reported from the following locations:


Encinitas, CA
Guilford, CT
Bossier City, LA
Metairie, LA
Dallas, TX
Mesquite, TX
Red Oak, TX
San Marcos, TX
Seguin, TX
Sun City, TX
Port Washington, WI
Postosi, WI


Kingsville, ON

Here’s the map for this week:

Swarm map for the week

The red pins are static swarms, click on the image to make it larger.

Texas had a little burst of activity this week, and in an intriguingly straight line down the eastern side of the state, but otherwise the trend of swarms occurring near coasts, large lakes, or major rivers held true again this week. 

The swarming season has had a really slow start this year, so it will be interesting to see what happens later in the year.  During the equivalent week last year, I received 52 reports.  Last week I got 13.  This is normally the start of the busy part of the season, but things are still just creaking along at a very slow pace.  Granted, the swarming season also started up about 3 weeks later than usual this year.  It will be fun to see whether the season progresses as normal, just 3 weeks later, or whether this will be a slow year.  We’ll have to wait and see!

Keep reporting those swarms, y’all!  Every report helps and I appreciate each and every one I receive.  This research wouldn’t be possible without people just like you!


Have you seen a dragonfly swarm? I am tracking swarms so I can learn more about this interesting behavior.  If you see one, I’d love to hear from you!  Please visit my Report a Dragonfly Swarm page to fill out the official report form.  It only takes a few minutes! Thanks!


Want more information? Visit my dragonfly swarm information page for my entire collection of posts about dragonfly swarms!


Unless otherwise stated, all text, images, and video are copyright © C. L. Goforth

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