Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Livestock

I thought I’d jump on the ant bandwagon today and post a photo of an ant I took a few weeks ago while waiting for my husband to come pick me up after work:

big ant

Big ant

What sets my blog apart from the ant people who blog is the fact that I can’t tell you much about this ant apart from “huge” and “appears to be tending aphids.”   I can’t be completely sure that the latter is happening as I don’t know which ant species this is, but I suspect this ant was hanging around the aphids for their honeydew, a sweet liquid aphids excrete that many ant species love.  The way it typically works is the aphids benefit from having the ants herding them because the ants protect the aphids from would-be predators.  It’s a pretty neat system, so I hope that’s what was happening here!  Any of you ant people out there want to provide any additional information?  Would love to complete the story a bit more!


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