Swarm Sunday is Coming… Later Today

I’m replacing my cheap, cruddy computer desk with a gorgeous antique oak desk, which I’m really excited about.  Unfortunately, it’s taken longer than expected and my computer is still in about 15 pieces because we ran out of time to get the desk up the stairs and into my office last night.  I’m sharing this because Swarm Sunday is going to be late (obviously!), but it should be up later today if all goes well!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to the new week!


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2 thoughts on “Swarm Sunday is Coming… Later Today

  1. Love your posts and pictures. I have a question. I live in East Tennessee on a farm with lots of vegetation and three ponds so lots of bugs (love them). Last night I turned on the porch light about midnight and heard a large bug beating against the light. I looked to see what it was, as it was obviously large from the noise, and it was a dragonfly!  I didn’t know that they were attrached to light like that. Light was only on for a few minutes.  Is this common? Hope you love your new desk. Regards, Jill Elmendorf

    • I consulted the “dragonfly bible” just to confirm, and while it’s not common to see dragonflies at lights at night, it’s also not entirely unheard of. It’s been documented in several scientific publications and I’ve even got photos of dragonflies swarming around lights at night under very specific conditions. It DOES happen, just not that often. Glad you had a chance to see it!

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