Swarm Sunday (on Monday) – 8/25/2013 – 8/31/2013

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Swarm Sunday is here!  Dragonfly swarms were reported from the following locations last week:


Jacksonville Beach, FL
Spring Hill, FL
Wellington, FL
Evanston, IL
Lamoille, IL
Overland Park, KS
Winchester, KS
Fryeburg, ME
Cannon Falls, MN
Cameron, MO
Kansas City, MO
Lees Summit, MO
Magnet, NE
Omaha, NE (2 reports)
Eagle Butte, SD (2 reports)
Pennington, SD
Rapid City, SD (4 reports)
St. Onge, SD
Spearfish, SD (4  reports)
Sturgis, SD
Brooklyn, WI
Juneau, WI
Lake Mills, WI
Spring Green, WI
Viroqua, WI
Watertown, WI
Whitefish Bay, WI

And here’s the map:

8.25.13 - 8.31.13

Red pins are static swarms, blue pins are migratory. Click the map to enlarge!

Now that’s a little more like it!  This is supposed to be the start of the migratory season and almost nothing has happened yet this year.  We finally got three big events this week, and all in the northern Midwest.  Apart from Wisconsin, this area of the country has been largely devoid of swarms this year, so it’s interesting that there has been a surge in reports over the last week.  What I can’t tell yet is whether this is the start of the migration, or whether everything is simply happening late and the migration will start in another few weeks.  There haven’t been any major movements down the east coast yet, so I suspect that the migration will start later.  But, I need more data to be sure!

So, keep sending in data!  This has proven to be a very interesting (if slow) year, and every new report helps.  Until next week!


Have you seen a dragonfly swarm? I am tracking swarms so I can learn more about this interesting behavior.  If you see one, I’d love to hear from you!  Please visit my Report a Dragonfly Swarm page to fill out the official report form.  It only takes a few minutes! Thanks!


Want more information? Visit my dragonfly swarm information page for my entire collection of posts about dragonfly swarms!


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