Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday: Hi!

I lead dragonfly walks where I work, teaching people about dragonfly biology, how to do some basic identifications, and how they can get involved in dragonfly research through citizen science. Last weekend, I led the last walk of 2013.  I had about a dozen people in the group and I think they enjoyed the dragonfly catching part of the experience best.  I didn’t have a chance to actually try to catch anything myself, however, so I went back out with a net after everyone left just because it looked fun.  I caught this beauty on the first swing:

Green darner on my knee

Green darner on my knee

A green darner!  They might be common as dirt, but I adore them.  Look how beautiful that little guy is!  I snapped a few photos of the markings on the head, thorax, and abdomen while I had him in hand, then set him on my knee and released him.  Much to my very great pleasure, he sat there for TWO WHOLE MINUTES while I snapped several photos.  Man, I loved that dragonfly!  He totally made my day.


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