Eater of Insects (Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday)

I was really excited to find a big group of these little guys in a tree the other day:

Brown headed nuthatch

Brown headed nuthatch

Brown-headed nuthatches!  They’re pretty adorable in general, but it was really fun to watch them digging around in that branch with their beaks as they hunted for insects in the setting sun.  Hope they found a good meal hidden away in there!


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4 thoughts on “Eater of Insects (Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday)

  1. I’ve been seeing more nuthatches around Richmond too. I think they must migrate here for the winter as I don’t notice them so much in the spring and summer. We have the little blue ones and they’re fun to watch as they hop up and down the tree. I’ve also been seeing more woodpeckers – smallish black & white with the red swatch on the back of their head (downy woodpeckers? I have to look it up).


    • I’d bet you have the white-breasted nuthatches (the blue ones) and the downy woodpeckers all year, but maybe just don’t see them as often in the summer! We have both year-round here, but we SEE them a lot more often at the feeders in the winter than when the insects they eat in the trees are more abundant in warmer weather. They’re both adorable though, eh? I had never seen a nuthatch until I moved to North Carolina, but they’re my favorite birds here by far!

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