Common Whitetail at the Pond (Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday)

I feel that, every now and again, it’s worth taking a moment to pause and ponder how beautiful the world around us is.  Scenes like this:

Common whitetail at the pond

Common whitetail at the pond

… really help me center myself and relax.  That might be a very common dragonfly, one that I see throughout the season in my area, but the sight of them never grows old.  They remind me how amazing our world is, and how many things I’ve yet to experience.  Do any of you get the same feeling in nature?

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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8 thoughts on “Common Whitetail at the Pond (Well-Nigh Wordless Wednesday)

    • Well, box turtles are adorable, so who wouldn’t be excited to see them? We have a couple of citizen science projects we do with box turtles, so I sometimes come into work and find one sitting in a box on my desk so I can collect the data we need for it. It’s SO fun every time!

  1. Dayflowers. The tiny little Commelinas we have in my yard look just like grass, until you see the little splash of blue. It’s just a little surprise of color that brightens up my day every time.

  2. I definitely get what your saying! The intricacies of nature just astound me and really help me to appreciate being outside. I often get this feeling wading down small streams while fishing.

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