Happy Holidays

Because I like to put Santa hats on things, I feel the need to post something today. This year, I give you an eastern pondhawk with a Santa hat:


To those of you who celebrate Christmas, happy holidays! And if not, I hope you’ll simply enjoy seeing a dragonfly wearing a silly hat. :)


Unless otherwise stated, all text, images, and video are copyright © C. L. Goforth


8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Merry Christmas, Chris—Sharing a gift that friends at NevadaMusicUK sent me today…

    *Dragonfly: Beauty or Beast*—Narrated by David Attenborough… 28-1/2 minutes…

    Enjoy the Season—John

    • I do sometimes think about it. Not sure how much effort I really want to put into it, though, so I’m always torn about whether I should go for it or not. Would need to find a good printer – and would want to sell them myself and not send people to something like Zazzle so I can control the quality. It’s a non-trivial bit of work to do it the way I feel it needs to be done…

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