Today’s Photography 101 topic is “street,” which is a little tough for someone who blogs about insects!  Here’s my “street:”

That creek is Sabino Creek in Sabino Canyon outside Tucson.  It is full of insects!  There are creeping water bugs and hellgrammites and beetles and water bugs and midges larvae. This stream also has some great dragonflies and damselflies, including filagree skimmers, giant darners, and Sabino dancers, though it was unfortunately slightly too chilly and windy when I visited recently to see any of them.  I’m sure there were nymphs in the water, but I didn’t have any equipment to investigate the exact composition of the insects during my visit.  It’s been years since I visited this canyon without so much as a soup strainer to look for bugs, so it was just a little frustrating that I couldn’t look for bugs on my latest trip.  Next time I’ll be sure to pack at least a strainer so I can explore the stream more fully!

The stream acts as a sort of road for these animals as they move up and downstream. It also acts as a pathway for a lot of other animals, including deer, birds, and the people walking up and down the canyon. The stream brings life to the canyon, but also a lot of beauty.  With all the amazing scenery and the fabulous insects, this will always be one of my favorite place!


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4 thoughts on “Street

  1. I visited my parents (who retired to Tucson) for Thanksgiving and they took me to Sabino Canyon – it is such a beautiful place! I was lucky enough to be there while the trees were changing color – mostly yellow – quite pretty, and I didn’t expect to see fall colors in the desert, but there are deciduous trees along the creek. Lovely!

    • Nice! That’s one of the few places where you can really see the falls colors in Tucson too. A lot of the trees keep ahold of their leaves through the winter and then they just dry out and turn brown before falling off just before the new leaves come in. Glad you liked Sabino though! It’s one of my very favorite places.

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