I wasn’t able to get this online yesterday, but this is my photo for the Photography 101 theme “solitude:”

Fly on flower

I spent a lot of time on my recent trip to Arizona looking for insects, and happily it was just late enough in the year for a few to be out.  It was also the middle of the bloom, so I spent a lot of time wandering from clump to clump of flowers looking for insects.  This lovely fly was the only insect on a cluster of these fabulous yellow flowers.  It had a huge group of flowers all to itself and I think it exemplifies the idea of solitude.

I believe this is a tachinid fly, but I would welcome any corrections from those of you who know more about flies than I do!  You know who you are. :)


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17 thoughts on “Solitude

    • That’s what I was thinking. Looked like it had that little bump that makes it a tachnid, but I’ll admit I had to look it up… I am even more out of practice with my flies than ever!

    • How can you not look at a Butterfly or a Bee royling away on a flower for pollen & nectar and not also see the Universe unfolding before your eyes..!!
      Remember, We live a close symbiotic relationship with all other creatures of earth, for even the lowly ant is somewhere in the food chain that leads to the Bounty on your dining table..

        • I got into Bee Keeping back in 1972 because my dear wife would not allow me to set up an indoor Ant-terrarium.. Then further study pointed out that Bee’s were in the same genetic evolutionary lineage, so I went into beekeeping & honey production. Gosh, did that ever Open my Eyes to the complete symbiotic relationship of the insect world & the plant world, and ultimately up through all the higher primates of Earth.. So, the next juicy Burger you eat, remember it started out as green grass plant-life somewhere along the food chain..

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