New Feature: Life Stages

I’ve taken many thousands of photos of a variety of insects in North Carolina since I moved here and I’d like to do a little something more with them.  I am therefore adding a new periodic feature that will make good use of my hoards of photos: Life Stages! These features will briefly cover multiple stages in the life cycle of a species and share some information about it – what it eats, how it develops, etc.  These posts will help me learn about the species I come across in my daily life, but my hope is to pass along what I discover to you all so that you can get to know the multiple forms, colors, and ages of insects a little better too.

I hope you’ll enjoy Life Stages and learn alongside me!  The first post goes up soon, featuring the iconic life cycle of the monarch butterfly.


Unless otherwise stated, all text, images, and video are copyright © C. L. Goforth.


6 thoughts on “New Feature: Life Stages

  1. Great idea. Bugs can look so different depending on the stage they are in. I remember when I discovered what a lady beetle larva looked like!

  2. As a blogger, I’m wondering how you will arrange this new feature. Will it be a page on the blog? Have a separate link or email subscription? Since I get your posts emailed, I don’t visit your site often — definitely not often enough! You have many resources here that I didn’t know about. Looking forward to your life cycle photos however you share them.

    • It will be posted in the main blog and I created a new category to contain the posts. I don’t do a whole lot of fancy organization! If you are getting the e mails, you should be getting notifications of the new feature.

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