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42 thoughts on “Report a Dragonfly Swarm

  1. Dragonflies to me means “Everything Happens for a Reason”. I truly believe they are signs of protection, faith, and luck. It means good things are to come. We have had great times and bad luck but I do have pictures to share and videos of millions that have swarmed us and our home.

    • I completely believe in what you say. I believe the dragonfly is a gift from heaven above. I was lucky enough to be in the middle of a swarm about 10 years ago and I felt like I was witnessing a miracle. The Dragonfly is the most gorgeous and under appreciated creature on earth. They are magical.

  2. Media pa 19063. My front yard about 75 to 100. Steady rain this morning.
    Birds swooping in after them. Dissapated around dusk.

  3. Today was the annual dragonfly event at our house, approximately 500 – always around this time of year, from late afternoon until dusk. The kids stand in the middle, and they are swarmed around and landed upon. Usually happens once, last year it was 3 times. It seems magical. 78 degrees, partly cloudy.

        • We live about a quarter mile from Lake Michigan’s east coast, I experienced a swarm while walking on the access road that leads to a water filtration plant on the shore of LM. There’s also a manmade lake northeast of LM that is nearby.

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  5. Don’t know if this survey is still going on. I just saw a small swarm of dragonflies in my front yard. I had a new pond put in my backyard a couple weeks ago, maybe that had something to do with their being here. I watched for about 15 minutes, then two bats appeared, and soon the dragonflies were gone. I hope a few survived, and will lay eggs in my pond.

    • Awesome! And yes, I am still collecting data for the project. Would you be willing to make a formal report? If so, just hover over the The Dragonfly Swarm Project link above and click on report. I’d love to add your sighting to my database!

  6. I just reported a huge swarm. I wish I was better at estimating numbers. I would guess hundreds. They were not just at my house. We walked several blocks and they were all over. Very cool!

  7. It is August 28th about 1:15 in the afternoon on a hot lightly breezy day (about 90F). I just got done mowing my yard on a riding mower – took about 45 minutes. I noticed a cluster of large dragonflies about 15 min in that stayed the whole time I mowed. I would estimate there to have been 150-200 that stayed within about 50 yards of my mower.
    Spearfish, SD

    • Awesome! I hear a lot of stories about people mowing and attracting swarms, though they don’t tend to be quite as big as the swarm you saw. It probably is related to the fact that I received several reports of big swarms in your area over the past week. There seems to be a lot of swarming going on in SD recently!

    • It’s really odd to see them at my office parking lot considering there is no water to be found anywhere near here. I am so glad to experience this dragonfly swarm! I originally submitted my survey with the description of flight as erratic…however, it is a figure 8. And this one dragonfly hasn’t stopped ‘staring’ at me for a couple hours now. Maybe he is flirting with me! I love it!

  8. I just reported a feeding swarm here in the Central Florida area…about a 100 or so Carolina Saddlebags. We’ve had a 5 year drought going on and this is the first year that we have had a somewhat normal rainy season, so it was so fun to see the dragonflies back!

  9. I just reported a swarm of dragonflyies that were seen ironically at our dragonboat regatta yesterday, where dragonflies are a strong symbol of strength and resilience. I dragonboat in the breast cancer survivor division. One team is called the Dragonflies. It was super symbolic and so fun to see. It had rained like crazy the day before and yesterday was warm and sunny and the sky filled with dragonflies looked so amazing.

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  11. The May Fly(ies) seem to be covering two of the boat docks (mine and my neighbor on one side). They are do not seem to be swarming on the other boat docks – weird. How long will they last? When I went toward the boat dock, they started landing all over me. I am having my daughter take some pictures on her Iphone for the pixel quality to send to you. Where do you want me to send?

    • I don’t have an interactive map as I haven’t figured out how to make one (someday…), but I do post a map for the week each Sunday so you can see where swarms have occurred over the past week. Next one will go up tomorrow!

  12. I like to call the swarm in my yard the Dragonfly Squadron of Mosquito Eaters. Guess having served in the Navy is why I think of them being a Flying Squadron. When it has not been too hot I will stand for awhile just watching them trying to see the different wing colors and patterns. Any creature that can hover in flight is very fascinating to me. I once rescued a Dragonfly from a spider web on my front porch on a very cloudy day. It was attracted to my motion sensor light, and after I released the Dragonfly it landed on my shoulder instead of flying away or back toward the light. I was awed by that.

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