Report a Dragonfly Swarm on Your Phone or Tablet

If you’re here, it likely means you can’t access my dragonfly swarm report form on your phone or tablet.  Sorry about that!  I don’t have any control over how Google Docs displays in my blog on mobile platforms.  However, I would still LOVE to collect your data!  Please try to access the form directly first:

I’ve got the form embedded in my blog, so sometimes the directly link will work.  If not, you can still submit a report!  Simply enter the following information into the box below and your information will be delivered to me for inclusion in the project.  Please note that I do not share your personal information with anyone!

The items in bold are required, and the rest is optional (but very helpful!):

  1. Your name
  2. Your e mail address
  3. The location where you saw your swarm.  I need at least the nearest city and state, but the full address or GPS coordinates are even more helpful.  Remember, I will not display nor share your personal information with anyone else!
  4. Date of the swarm
  5. Type of swarm you saw.  It was a static swarm if the dragonflies were flying in a localized area in a big group (i.e., staying in about one place, such as a yard, over a tree or garden, over a field). It was a migratory swarm if the dragonflies were moving together in a single direction (i.e. moving from one place to another as a group).
  6. Time of the swarm
  7. A description of the dragonflies in the swarm – the number of dragonflies in the swarm, how many different colors, sizes, etc
  8. A description of how the dragonflies were flying – how big of an area were they using, how high off the ground, the shape of their flight paths, etc
  9. The weather conditions at the time of the swarm and any information about recent weather you think might be useful (has it been very dry, very rainy, very hot, etc?)
  10. Has there been any flooding or severe storms in your area over the past 2 weeks?
  11. Any other observations you wish to make?  You can tell me stories about how you felt emotionally about the swarm you saw, that you went running out to stand in the middle of the swarm, that they terrified you – anything!  I LOVE reading these extra comments, so please feel free to tell me as much or as little as you feel the need to share.

Thank you for participating in The Dragonfly Swarm Project!  You are making a valued and valuable contribution to our understanding of this amazing and important dragonfly behavior and I appreciate your taking the time to submit a report!


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