Welcome to my image gallery!  This page serves as the gateway to my archive of all of my own photos that are found on my blog.  I am re-posting all of them here so that they might be useful for identification purposes and will be easy to find again without searching through my entire blog.  Click on a link below to go to the gallery for that group of images.  Or, mouse over the Gallery button at the top of the page and a list of all of the gallery pages will appear as a pull down menu.  Enjoy!

A quick note about permissions. I am more than happy for people to use my photos in presentations, educational materials, and websites, but please acknowledge me if you do.  All images posted on websites should include a link to this blog.  I spend a lot of time and effort photographing these insects, so please be kind and let people know where you got your images.  If you wish to use them in print materials, please leave a comment below (you will be asked to enter your e mail address, which only I will be able to see) and I will contact you by e mail regarding permission.  I keep the images I post here small and relatively low resolution to save space, but I can provide higher resolution, larger photos for print if desired.


Unless otherwise stated, all text, images, and video are copyright © 2009-2011


2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Dear Dragonfly-Woman
    I found a picture of yours via Google. It’s the Epiaeschna Heros one I am interested in. I would like a B/W version of it to make it a logo for one of my latest projects named Dragonfly. Printing a few t-shirts for personal use and publishing an icon on my website. Basically, I am trying to unify my guitar skills with pedals steel and synth guitar. The idea behind the name is: two pairs of wings make you a more versatile flyer. I would appreciate you letting me know if this is alright with you, and what you would expect in return. Many thanks and regards from Switzerland.
    P.S. A higher resolution picture would be great, naturally!

    • That particular photo is not mine, so I can’t give you permission. There should be a link to the original somewhere down at the bottom of the page where that is posted – one of my dragonfly swarm posts.

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