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Buprestidae (Jewel Beetles)

buprestids in love

Buprestids in love

Cantharidae (Soldier Beetles)

soldier beetle

Soldier beetle

Cerambicidae (Long Horned Beetles)

palo verde beetle

Palo verde beetle

palo verde beetle

A palo verde beetle. The arrow points to this beetle's elytra.

palo verde beetle head

Palo verde beetle head. The arrow points to the chewing mouthparts.

palo verde beetle

This palo verde beetle was in my carport last summer.

palo verde beetle battle

Palo verde beetle (Derobrachus hovorei) battle of the sexes

Palo verde beetle

Palo verde beetle (Derobrachus hovorei)

Palo verde beetle (Derobrachus hovorei)

Palo verde beetle (Derobrachus hovorei)

Palo verde beetle (Derobrachus hovorei)

Palo verde beetle (Derobrachus hovorei)

Palo verde beetle (Derobrachus hovorei)

Palo verde beetle (Derobrachus hovorei)

Palo verde beetle (Derobrachus hovorei)

Palo verde beetle (Derobrachus hovorei)

palo verde beetle top view

Palo verde beetle

palo verde beetle antenna

Palo verde beetle antenna

palo verde beetle thorax

Palo verde beetle thorax

palo verde beetle larva

Palo verde beetle larva

palo verde beetle jaws

Palo verde beetle jaws

Palo verde beetle side

Palo verde beetle, side view

palo verde beetle

Palo verde beetle, Derobrachus hovorei

Longhorn beetle

Longhorn beetle

Cactus beetle

Cactus beetle, Moneilema gigas

Coccinellidae (Ladybugs)

aggregation of beetles

Lots of beetles!

ladybug pupa

Ladybug pupa



Ladybugs mating

Ladybugs mating

Dytiscidae (Predaceous Diving Beetles)

predaceous diving beetle

Predaceous diving beetle (Thermonectus nigrofasciatus)

dytiscid foot

Predaceous diving beetle foreleg. The suction pad is made up of several individual suction cups.

Thermonectus marmoratus

Sunburst beetle, Thermonectus marmoratus

Dytiscid lateral

Dytiscid lateral

Dytiscid A1

Dytiscid A1

Dytiscid no spine

Dytiscid, no spine

Dytiscid not antenna

Dytiscid, not antenna

Dytiscid not antenna

Dytiscid, also not antenna

Dytiscid antenna

Dytiscid antenna

Thermonectus nigrofasciatus

Predaceous diving beetle, Thermonectus nigrofasciatus.

Dryopidae (Long Toed Water Beetles)

Postelichus sp

Long toed water beetle, Postelichus sp

Elateridae (Click Beetles)

Chalcolepidius ostentus

Chalcolepidius smaragdinus. Not sure of a common name, but I call this one the really pretty click beetle. :)

Chalcolepidius smaragdinus

Chalcolepidius smaragdinus

Alaus zunianus

Alaus zunianus, the Zuni eyed elater

click beetle

Click beetle

click mechanism side view

Click mechanism side view. Pyrophorus sp.

clicking mechanism

Click beetle underside. The arrow points to the click mechanism.

Gryrinidae (Whirligig Beetles)

Dineutus sublineatus

Dineutus sublineatus, a whirligig beetle.

Whirligig eyes, top pair

Whirligig eyes, top pair

Whirligig eyes, bottom pair

Whirligig eyes, bottom pair

Haliplidae (Crawling Water Beetles)

Peltodytes sp.

Crawling water beetle, Peltodytes sp.

Hydrophilidae (Water Scavenger Beetles)

Hydrophilus triangularis

Giant water scavenger beetle, Hydrophilus triangularis

Hydrophilid lateral

Hydrophilid, side view

Hydrophilid A1

Hydrophilid A1

Hydrophilid spike

Hydrophilid spike

Hydrophilid not antenna

Hydrophilid, not antenna

Hydrophilid antenna

Hydrophilid antenna

hydrophilid club

A water scavenger beetle's capitate antenna (Hydrophilus triangularis)

Hydrochus sp.

Hydrochus sp.

Passalidae (Bess Beetles)

bess beetle

Bess beetle

Psephenidae (Water Pennies)

water penny

Water penny, top view

water penny

Water penny, bottom view

Scarabaeidae (Scarab Beetles)

Cotinus mutabilis

Cotinus mutabilis, also known as the fig beetle.

Dynastes granti

Grant's hurcules beetle, Dynastes granti

fig beetle

Fig beetle, Cotinis mutabilis

June bug - green

My June bug, Cotinis mutabilis

ten-lined June beetle

Ten-lined June beetle, Polyphylla decemlineata

Ten lined June beetle

Ten lined June beetle (Polyphylla decemkineata)

Hemiphileurus illatus beetle

Beetle, Hemiphileurus illatus



Silphidae (Carrion Beetles)

carrion beetle

Carrion beetle

Specimen No. 9

Specimen No. 9

burying beetle

Burying beetle with phoretic mites.

A quick note about permissions. I am more than happy for people to use my photos in presentations, educational materials, and websites, but please acknowledge me if you do.  All images posted on websites should include a link to this blog.  I spend a lot of time and effort photographing these insects, so please be kind and let people know where you got your images.  If you wish to use them in print materials, please leave a comment below (you will be asked to enter your e mail address, which only I will be able to see) and I will contact you by e mail regarding permission.  I keep the images I post here small and relatively low resolution to save space, but I can provide higher resolution, larger photos for print if desired.


Unless otherwise stated, all text, images, and video are copyright


2 thoughts on “Beetles

  1. In regards to the palo verde beetles, are they also called pine sawyer beetles? I google “Big black beetles in AZ” and saw pics of pine sawyer beetles and not palo verde beetles.
    Are they the same beetle?

    • Pine sawyer beetles are different than palo verde beetles, but they look similar because they’re in the same family, the longhorn beetles. Pine sawyers are much smaller than the palo verde beetles though! Like less than half the size. Odd that your search isn’t including the palo verde beetle though! I’d think that would be the first thing that would pop up…

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