Butterflies and Moths

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Erebidae (Includes Tiger Moths)

tiger moth

Tiger moth

Nymphalidae (Brush Footed Butterflies)

Julia butterfly

A julia butterfly (Dryas julia)

painted lady butterfly

Painted lady butterfly

tawny emperor

Tawny emperor, taken with Nikon DSLR and twin diffused flashes


Zebrawing butterfly, Heliconius charithonia

painted lady

Painted lady, Vanessa cardui


Julias (Dryas julia) sucking on an orange

tiger longwing

Tiger longwing butterfly (Heliconius hecale)

Paper whites

Paper white butterflies (Ideopsis juventa) in cage as they were released


Malachite butterfly (Siproeta stenlenes)

blue glassy tiger

Blue glassy tiger butterfly (Danaus vulgaris)

red lacewing

Red lacewing butterfly (Cethosa biblis)

cloudless sulphus on cherry

Cloudless sulphur on cherry

Papillionidae (Swallowtails)

Papilio cresphontes

Papilio cresphontes


Giant swallowtail (Papilio cresophontes)

spicebush swallowtail

Spicebush swallowtail, Papilio troilus

puddling butterfly

Giant swallowtail puddling


Cattleheart butterfly (Parides iphidamus)

Pieridae (Whites and Sulphurs)


White, Pieris sp.

Saturniidae (Wild Silk Moths)

luna moth

A shabby luna moth (Actias luna)


Who wouldn’t want to play with this gorgeous animal?

Butterfly Magic

A really big moth at Butterfly Magic


Hualapai buckmoth caterpillar (Hemileuca hualapai)



Hemileuca hualapai caterpillar

Hemileuca hualapai caterpillar

Tineidae (Clothes Moths)



Miscellaneous Lepidoptera

butterfly tree

Lots of butterflies in the trees!

butterfly bowl

Butterflies sucked on orange juice in one of several of these glass bowls.


Butterfly exhibit

Marshall Butterfly Pavillion

Insects in the Marshall Butterfly Pavillion sucking up orange juice

Unidentified Lepidoptera

insect spiracle

A spriacle on a caterpillar. The blue arrow points to the opening.

moth ovipositing on sliding glass door

Moth ovipositing on sliding glass door.

butterfly capitate

A butterfly’s capitate antennae (species unknown)

moth on the car

Moth on car window

A quick note about permissions. I am more than happy for people to use my photos in presentations, educational materials, and websites, but please acknowledge me if you do. All images posted on websites should include a link to this blog. I spend a lot of time and effort photographing these insects, so please be kind and let people know where you got your images. If you wish to use them in print materials, please leave a comment below (you will be asked to enter your e mail address, which only I will be able to see) and I will contact you by e mail regarding permission. I keep the images I post here small and relatively low resolution to save space, but I can provide higher resolution, larger photos for print if desired.


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