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Lakeside Lake, Tucson, AZ

Lakeside Lake, Tucson, AZ

My field site!

My field site in Altar Valley

Sweetwater Wetlands

The Biopshere II

Biosphere II. The habitat is the white section in the middle while the big pyramid is the rainforest.

collecting site

One of my collecting sites.

dragonfly habitat

Sweetwater Wetlands


Lakeside Lake

sampling at Rincon Creek

Me sampling one of our sites in Rincon Creek.

Rio de Flag

Rio de Flag, downstream of the wastewater treatment plant in Flagstaff, AZ.

sampling Lake Pleasant

Sampling zooplankton in Lake Pleasant, AZ.

Arivaipa Creek looking upstream

Arivaipa Creek

Arivaipa near first road crossing

Arivaipa Creek

Arivaipa Creek looking toward the canyon

Arivaipa Creek

Reynolds Creek

Reynolds Creek

Salt River

Salt River

Three Forks

Three Forks

Madera Canyon

Madera Canyon

The Catalina Mountains as a storm rolls in

The Catalina Mountains (from Rincon Creek)


Mendoza Canyon

field site

The desert around my field site in Altar Valley

the lake

Lakeside Lake

bad driving weather

Bad driving weather, Arizona style!

San Pedro River

San Pedro River

Rincon Creek after the flood

Rincon Creek, after the flood


Dragonfly hunting at Archer Lake

field site pond

The pond at the field site in Altar Valley AZ

Sycamore Canyon

Sycamore Canyon

Lakeside Lake storm

Lakeside Lake


Sweetwater Wetlands

Las Cienegas

Las Cienegas


Madiera Canyon

Agua Caliente

Agua Caliente

looking toward Nogales

The view looking toward Nogales


The only flash flood I've ever personally witnessed, at Mammoth, AZ

morning at the field site

Altar Valley

Water Ranch Lake at Gilbert Riparian Preserve


Gilbert Riparian Preserve, Pond 5


Sweetwater Wetlands


Sweetwater Wetlands

Reynold's Creek

Reynold's Creek

Harshaw Creek

Harshaw Creek

Sycamore Canyon

Sycamore Canyon.


Snow in northern Arizona.

Snowy Mountains

Snowy Mountains


One of the main causes of wildfires.

Aspen Fire

The Aspen Fire in the Santa Catalina Mountains, several years ago.


A little wildfire I came across a few years ago. It quickly burned itself out, thankfully.

fire's aftermath

You can see the charred areas where the mesquite trees and agaves burned in the Greaterville Fire in summer 2011. This was one of the little fires.

Three Forks

This area, where the protected springsnail is located, probably doesn't look much like this anymore.

Wet Beaver Creek

Wet Beaver Creek

cattle tank

Cattle tank

Field Site Before

Field site, before monsoon

Arizona Plants

Wind and a palm tree

A palm tree on a windy day.

Jojoba plant

Jojoba leaves up close


Cholla cactus.

nest in saguaro

Nest in saguaro

baby saguaro

Baby saguaro

More Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desert


One of the landscaped gardens at the Desert Botanical Garden

cactus flower

Cactus flower

Saguaro flowers

Saguaro flowers - with bees!

harsh light

As Gizmo would say, "Bright light! Bright light!"

cattails and algae

Cattails and algae help clean the water

our route

The desert along the route we took in Saguaro National Park


Morning in the Sonoran Desert

screwbean mesquite

Screwbean mesquite


pond at Fountain Creek Park

My pond at Fountain Creek Park, right after a storm.

pond at Fountain Creek Park

My study site. It extended from the cattails on the left side out to the end of the log you see 1/3 of the way up from the bottom and just past the log.

pond at Fountain Creek Park

My pond at Fountain Creek Park during a light storm.

Fountain Creek Park

The pond where I did my research at Fountain Creek Regional Park, CO.

Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak


A columbine I photographed in high school. Pardon the dust!


the canal

The canal along the Tamiami Trail



Lots and lots of plants. I'm convinced poison ivy lurks in there. It's good at lurking.

Aerial view of MO River

Aerial view of Missouri River flooding in early September 2011, over 3 months after the flooding began.

Midwestern field

Midwestern field.

New Mexico


Sunset in New Mexico


Green Beetle

Green Beetle Tavern


Los Fresnos grasslands

The grasslands at Los Fresnos, a historic ranch turned nature preserve in Mexico along the US border with Arizona.

Sunset at Los Fresnos

Sunset at Los Fresnos

Biosphere Pond

Orchard Courtyard at Biosphere II

Orchard Courtyard at Biosphere II

Site of pond

Site of pond

Stock tank

Stock tank for use as the container for my pond

pond rocks

Rocks in the bottom of the pond.

pump housing

The housing for my pond pump. You can't see the rock under the pump, but it's there.


One of my plants, a horsetail reed, in its pot.

muddy pond

My pond, immediately after filling.

float valve

My pond's plumbing. The float valve is the blue float in the background and you can see the hose connector on the outside of the tank.

pond waterfall

The waterfall in my pond. You can see the water flowing out of the pump's hose in the image.


Pond at completion

pond plants

Plants in the pond.

ID guides

The ID guides hanging from their hangers on the pond.

dragonfly sign

Dragonfly sign

aquatic insects sign

Aquatic insects sign

educational display

The final product of my permanent educational display at the Biosphere 2.

my pond

My pond.



Allergen factory! AKA, a gorgeous grass.

Miscellaneous Images

my workspace

Aquatic insect ID station!




Fire in the White Mountains


Snow! It commonly snows on camping trips to northern Arizona.

A quick note about permissions. I am more than happy for people to use my photos in presentations, educational materials, and websites, but please acknowledge me if you do.  All images posted on websites should include a link to this blog.  I spend a lot of time and effort photographing these insects, so please be kind and let people know where you got your images.  If you wish to use them in print materials, please leave a comment below (you will be asked to enter your e mail address, which only I will be able to see) and I will contact you by e mail regarding permission.  I keep the images I post here small and relatively low resolution to save space, but I can provide higher resolution, larger photos for print if desired.

Unless otherwise stated, all text, images, and video are copyright © TheDragonflyWoman.com

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