Swarm Sunday (on Monday) – 9/16/2012 – 9/22/2012

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Another very slow week!  Swarms occurred in the following locations:


Lilburn, GA
Boody, IL
Quincy, MA
Clarksboro, NJ
Raleigh, NC
Ovilla, TX

Six swarms last week.  Six!  Note to dragonflies: do you call that a migration?  Huh?  Pathetic…

This is getting weird.  Allow me to place this week’s swarm data into perspective.  During the same 7 day period last year, I got 147 reports.  The year before I got a third of that, but it was a much slower year and Hurricane Irene was’t wreaking havoc on the behavior or the American dragonfly population.  I got many reports each week into mid-October.  This year, I got 6 reports and it’s only September.  Based on my last two years of data collection, I would expect many, many more reports than this, maybe 10 times what I got last week.  Instead, I got 6.  This should be the peak migratory season, and hardly anyone is seeing anything out there!

I had been debating publishing my findings for this project after only three years of data collection, ]i.e. at the end of this season, rather than waiting the full five I had been planning for.  I thought I had this behavior under control and knew what to expect.  However, this year’s migration is reminding me of something that’s important to consider when you’re dealing with biological phenomena, particularly those that are dependent on weather: no matter how well you think you understand a system, nature has a way of throwing wrenches into your data collection.  She’s throwing a big wrench in the works this year!

I’m still hoping there will be one more surge in activity, a clear indication of the migration in the eastern US, before mid-October when the season usually ends.  It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks!


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