Friday 5: Songs for Insect Lovers

I love music and I am always thrilled when my love for music collides with my love for insects.  I even have a whole playlist on my iPod devoted to insect-themed songs or songs with insects in the title!  Today I’m going to share 5 of my favorites from my Entomophilia playlist.  They’re even all on YouTube, so feel free to take a listen to any you haven’t heard.

Spider by They Might Be Giants

If you’re not familiar with TMBG, they write some really bizarre songs.  They’re super fun though!  Spider is actually my very favorite TMBG song, but it is very odd.  It’s also among their shortest:

Love it!  This “video” is of course not an official music video, but it did have the version of the song closest to the album version of those available on YouTube.  What’s with the yak/musk ox/whatever?

Ticks by Brad Paisley

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a country music lover.  And I really love country music.  I sing along to the country station at the top of my lungs nearly every time I drive.  When Ticks came out, I was ecstatic!  I bought it immediately and have listened to it at least a hundred times.  It’s got everything to make it a stereotypical country song, but it’s also got the great humorous element that pervades Brad Paisley’s songs:

Ah, Brad Paisley.  Is there anything you can’t do?  The man even sings with Clint Eastwood on his most recent album.  Swoon!

Boll Weevil by Presidents of the United States of America

The album this song is a part of was enormously popular when I was in 11th grade.  I can remember everyone singing Peaches over and over and over again in my math class…  Don’t like that song anymore, but I have always been in love with Boll Weevil.  It’s got a catchy tune and a strange subject matter.  In other words, classic Presidents of the United States of America!

Fireflies by Owl City

This is a current pop song, which makes it unique among the songs on my insect playlist.  I really loved this song when it first came out, but it’s played on the radio WAY too much!  I’m starting to like it less…  But, it’s still a good song.  If you haven’t heard it, I think it’s worth a listen:

I like the rest of the album pretty well too!  It’s fun and easy to sing along to, so it’s great to have along on long car trips.  At least it is if you’re me and sing for 8 hours straight as you drive…  :)

Perform This Way by Weird Al Yankovic

Okay, okay.  We all know I’m a huge geek and, as far as I’m concerned, part of being a geek is loving Weird Al.  I have all of his CDs and I can sing most of the songs all the way through from memory.  My husband even got me an early graduation gift and bought me tickets for Weird Al’s recent concert in Tucson.  I was 6 feet away from the guy and couldn’t have been happier!  This song is not specifically about insects, but there is one part that involves wearing a suit of bees.  Thus, it earns a spot on my list!  Plus, it’s the best Lady Gaga parody EVER!  The video was just released this week:

It is quite possibly the scariest music video I’ve ever seen!  Oh wait.  The Lady Gaga video for Born This Way is way more disturbing…

I’ve stuck to songs that I have on my iPod and actually listen to on a regular basis here, but there are tons of other bug themed and bug titled songs out there!  Anyone care to offer other suggestions?  And be sure to check out Biodiversity in Focus‘ weekly Tunes Tuesday for a weekly dose of insect song goodness!  It’s always got something fabulous to listen to.


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